A case study of active traffic management : safety analysis and operations improvements using a queue warning system



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Active traffic management is a hot topic for addressing issues of highway congestion. It is the use of intelligent transportation systems to provide real time traffic information on highway conditions. In Austin, the segment of Interstate 35 between Riverside Drive and State Highway 71 experiences both congestion and safety issues. This report provides an introduction into the application of active traffic management through the use of a proposed queue warning system in the area. First, select crash data on the region is highlighted to present the safety conditions, particularly the type of collision and crash severity involved. Next, a proposed queue warning system design is described. This includes a description of the equipment used, methodology for system deployment, and expected outcomes. Finally, a computer simulation testing the operational performance of the queue warning system is performed using VISSIM, and the results are reported. This report aims to demonstrate the role that queue warning system and active traffic management may play in addressing metropolitan traffic needs.