Investigation of Multi-Frequency Power Transmission and System



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This dissertation presents a new power system transmission concept based on frequency selectivity named Multi-Frequency Power System (MFPS). This system allows for selective power transmission among terminals in an interconnected system, and is enabled by power electronic technology.

The dissertation starts with a presentation of some of the challenges faced by modern power systems, and includes a description of various power system technologies developed in an attempt to solve them. Then, our proposed solution is presented as an alternative to electric power transmission, and the fundamental concepts are explained.

A version of the MFPS is developed, which has relevance to the problem of renewable sources integration. This AC DC Power System is further explored, and the topology of the system and the converters is presented, as well as the control techniques used in its operation. The dissertation also presents a performance study of the AC DC system, which was done in Simulink, and it demonstrates the robustness of the system under various dynamic and fault conditions.

Finally, a summary of the work is given in the last section of the dissertation. The contributions of our research to the state of technology are discussed. These contributions include: the demonstration of power selectivity based on frequency identification, the development of a novel transmission system and a AC DC integrated implementation of it, and the development of a control and converter that enables selective power transmission. Also, some of the most relevant future research initiatives related to this topic are presented.