Analysis of fracture system geometry on the Salt Valley Anticline, Paradox Basin, Utah.




Nguyen, Alison L.

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The structural geology of the Salt Valley Anticline crest is highly complex. It is erosionally breached by Salt Valley with normal faults and joints as the two dominant brittle structures. The study area is composed of two fault systems and one joint system with three sets of joints. Two major structural events occurred: the formation of the Salt Valley Anticline and its subsequent collapse. Regional extension and consequent salt movement are interpreted to be the underlying causes of the formation of Salt Valley Anticline. Experimental models suggest that regional extension can significantly affect fault patterns on salt domes, much like the patterns found on Salt Valley Anticline. The orientation of the joint sets also supports regional extension as the cause for the Salt Valley Anticline formation.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 73-78).