Dynamic analysis of flexibly supported four-bar mechanical linkage



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Texas Tech University


Linear spring potential energy storage elements and flexible vibration isolator support systems are synthesized to passively control the highly-nonlinear motion of a planar four-bar mechanical linkage. Specific investigations of design/performance indices for the spring restrained, flexibly supported linkage were (1) the shaft angular speed fluctuation, (2) the internal reaction forces at each bearing and (3) the forces transmitted to the base of the linkage mechanism. Design performance simulation results are compared with those for (1) four-bar mechanical linkage rigidly mounted and (2) synthesized spring restrained four-bar mechanical linkage which is also rigidly supported- The results indicate that with the synthesis of restrained-spring and flexibly supported systems for the four-bar mechanical linkage, the bearing reaction forces and the forces transmitted to the base of the mechanism can be considerably reduced. These reductions can be obtained with little increase in the minimal fluctuation of the input crank shaft speed, which is attained for the the restrained-spring, rigidly supported linkage.