Generations: The Dividing Line Between Preferences For Leadership Styles




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This research examined what effects the characteristics of the Millennial generation had on the preferences for leadership style by investigating which qualities in leaders were more highly valued within this generational cohort. The Millennial generations' (i.e., individuals born between 1980 and 2000) potential preferences towards four leadership styles (i.e., charismatic, ideological, pragmatic, and servant) versus that of non-Millennials (i.e., individuals born before 1980) were investigated. In addition, this study investigated how Millennials' locus of control affects their leader preference. Two 2 x 3 Mixed ANCOVAs were run to assess leadership preferences between the two generational groups. Multiple regressions were run to assess for any significant relationships, as well as the direction of these relationships, between locus of control and leadership preference. Results showed that all generations had higher preferences for servant leaders, and that locus of control factors had an effect on leader preferences. A discussion of the findings, the limitations of the study and implications for the future are presented.