Sensor based localization for multiple mobile robots using virtual links



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Texas A&M University


Mobile robots are used for a wide range of purposes such as mapping an environment and transporting material goods. Regardless of the specific application, the navigation of the mobile robot is usually divided into three separate parts: localization, path planning and path execution. Localization is the process of determining the location of the robot with respect to a reference coordinate system. There are many different approaches to localizing a mobile robot which employ a wide variety of sensors.

The objective of my research is to develop a method for the localization of multiple mobile robots equipped with inexpensive range sensors in an indoor environment. Each mobile robot will be equipped with a rotating infrared sensor and a rotating CMOS camera. The multiple mobile robot system will be treated as a linked robot for localization.

The proposed localization method is verified via both simulation and experiment. Through the use of the virtual link length and relative heading information, a system of mobile robots can be effectively localized using detected environmental features.