An ultra-wideband transmit/receive module using 10 to 35 GHz six-channel microstrip multiplexers and its applications to phased-array antenna transceiver systems



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Texas A&M University


This dissertation introduces new and simple techniques for suppression of multispurious passbands, which are inherent to the conventional microstrip parallel coupleline bandpass filters. In addition, the operation of harmonic suppression is analyzed using a simple model. Special emphasis is placed on the applications of several new filter designs for microstrip diplexers and multiplexers. Compact, full-duplex beam scanning antenna transceiver systems with extremely broad bandwidth have also been developed. Recent advances in broadband monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifiers make the realization of extremely broadband phased-array transceiver systems possible. The ultra-wideband phased-array transceiver systems can be used in multi-band mobile satellite communication systems and wideband radars. This dissertation presents a multi-band, compact, full-duplex, beam scanning antenna transceiver system for satellite communications and two designs of ultra-wideband, low-cost radar systems as applications of the MMIC amplifiers. In addition, a multi-frequency antenna has been developed. A single-feed triple frequency microstrip patch antenna is presented as an answer to the recent demand for multi-function systems in the wireless communications. In summary, the research presented in this dissertation covers every component required to build an ultra-wideband, full-duplex beam scanning phased-array antenna transceiver. The work done in this dissertation should have many applications in the wireless communication systems and wideband radar technologies.