Analysis of success rates in developmental mathematics



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Texas Tech University


Math-0302, Intermediate Algebra, is a developmental mathematics course offered at Texas Tech University. The purpose of this course is to provide students an opportunity for remediation of those skills necessary for successful completion of college level mathematics. The effectiveness of this course has become a priority of the University due to increasing enrollment and reenrollment of students in this course. This analysis was developed to investigate the relationship between student success rates in Math-0302 and success rates in college level mathematics courses, specifically, Math-1320, College Algebra, and Math-1330, Introductory Mathematical Analysis.

A crucial question being asked on college campuses concerns the need for developmental mathematics at the university level. Chapter II presents background information concerning Math-0302 enrollment figures, placement criteria, and course accountability to justify this need.

At Texas Tech University, current figures indicate an increasing trend in student enrollment in Math-0302. This increase can be perceived as a continuing need for developmental mathematics courses. Placement criteria and course accountability are established to determine effects, if any, these factors have on enrollment In Math-0302, Intermediate Algebra.