Texas Data Repository Usage through April 2019




Chan-Park, Christina
Waugh, Laura

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Texas Digital Library


The Texas Data Repository (TDR) was launched in Spring 2017. The TDR is built on the Dataverse software platform and hosted by the Texas Digital Library (TDL)—a consortium of higher education institutions in Texas. Currently, 11 institutions participate in the TDR, and liaisons from these institutions serve on a TDR Steering Committee to provide feedback and guide the direction of the repository service. This poster will track the use of TDR since its June 2017 through April 2019. We will present both data for both individual institutions and in aggregate over time. Metrics will cover users, collections, datasets, and downloads. Users: number of registered users, number of collection creators, and number of dataset depositors Collections: number of collections (dataverses) by type (Department, Journal, Laboratory, Organization or Institution, Researcher, Research Group, Research Project, Teaching Course, Uncategorized) Datasets: number of datasets (drafts and published), size of datasets Downloads: number of datasets downloaded, number of downloads These data will form the baseline for tracking usage of TDR going forward.


Presented by Baylor University and Texas State University, Poster Minute Madness, at TCDL 2019.