Mems based bead size selection method for the electronic taste chip



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A micromachined biological and chemical sensor array has been developed for the rapid characterization of multiple analytes in solution. Various biochemical and chemical sensors are loaded in small micromachined structure together to analyze the ingredients in the fluid. Each sensors give unique optical signals under specific conditions that are acquired simultaneously by charge- coupled-device (CCD) optical detectors and those signal patterns are recognized as taste information. A novel micromachined structure has been added to the prototype structure for better performances in many parts. Surface micromachined structures confine sensor beads in the micromachined cavity as well as select designated sensor beads by way of size sorting method. This size selection method utilizes two separate size selective sieves on both sides of micromachined sensor cavities in the electronic taste chip. Each sensor is marked by certain size and selected by designated sensor cavity. Most preferred container of biochemical and chemical sensors is agarose beads. Agarose gel beads have the open pore structure which gives good attachment and binding to biological and chemical sensors. The structural characteristics of agarose bead are investigated and appropriate environment for agarose bead size selection method has been suggested. This research may be very useful in a micro total analysis system technology.