Joint synchronization of clock phase offset, skew and drift in reference broadcast synchronization (RBS) protocol



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Time-synchronization in wireless ad-hoc sensor networks is a crucial piece of infrastructure. Thus, it is a fundamental design problem to have a good clock syn- chronization amongst the nodes of wireless ad-hoc sensor networks. Motivated by this fact, in this thesis, the joint maximum likelihood (JML) estimator for relative clock phase offset and skew under the exponential noise model for the reference broadcast synchronization protocol is formulated and found via a direct algorithm. The Gibbs Sampler is also proposed for joint estimation of relative clock phase offset and skew, and shown to provide superior performance compared to the JML-estimator. Lower and upper bounds for the mean-square errors (MSE) of the JML-estimator and the Gibbs Sampler are introduced in terms of the MSE of the uniform minimum variance unbiased estimator and the conventional best linear unbiased estimator, respectively. The suitability of the Gibbs Sampler for estimating additional unknown parameters is shown by applying it to the problem in which synchronization of clock drift is also needed.