Curing Properties of Epoxy Resins for Use to Abandon Wells Destroyed by Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico



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Some Gulf of Mexico (GOM) wells destroyed by hurricanes have become environment and safety hazard and cannot be abandoned by conventional methods since pumping and circulating cement into the casing is impossible when the platforms have been completely destroyed and toppled. This project tested the curing properties of several epoxy resin systems in different environments. A bisphenol-F/epichlorohydrin (BPF) resin cured by curing agent MBOEA system was successfully tested in the laboratory as a potential plugging material to abandon wells destroyed in the GOM. The BPF/MBOEA resin system had the most suitable curing time in a synthetic seawater environment. The system could be successfully weighted by barite up to 16.8 ppg and cured properly. Weighting allows the resin system fall more efficiently through the casing annulus. This laboratory verification of properties will lead to field test in the test wells.



Epoxy resin, Offshore, Well abandonment material