Ta Ligado : rodas e hip hop no Rio



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Given that hip-hop has its origin in communal sharing and resistance, how do spaces of urban art empower young people and build their identities to reclaim space? Ta Ligado: Rodas e Hip Hop no Rio is a short documentary-styled web series focusing on hip hop and urban art spaces for young people in Rio de Janeiro, a city with rapid urbanization and increased marginalization. Rio presents an understudied context to explore how youth respond to changes in urban conditions and public institutional support or lack thereof. Especially as a city being placed under the international microscope because of the recent 2014 World Cup and upcoming 2016 World Olympics and the politics it has with its displacement and invisibilization of communities. Youth organizations and hip hop events in Rio de Janeiro serve as an alternative outlet to address the social issues that are ignored and marginalized through reclaiming space. Ta Ligado captures the vibrant and diverse culture through interviews and community events that occurred during the summer of 2014.