Migrating Audiovisual Assets from Glifos to Islandora




Wheeler, Brenna
Kapacinskas, Natalia

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Texas Digital Library


Our poster will document a joint effort between two University of Texas MSIS students and metadata staff from the Briscoe Center for American History to create a repository migration plan for audiovisual assets. Specifically, we will focus on how we developed and implemented metadata mappings for the migration, as Glifos relies on the Dublin Core (DC) standard and Islandora uses the Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS). The majority of the Briscoe Center’s audiovisual assets have accompanying transcripts, tables of contents, and other timed text metadata that made it difficult to conceptualize their migration. The timed text metadata is crucial to the audiovisual resources as it allows for easy location and searching for users. Thus, our poster will focus on how we approached the problem of translating timed text metadata between the two systems. We will begin with an examination of both metadata standards, and then share our resulting mapping between the elements used in Glifos to designate timed text and those dictated by Islandora’s Oral History Solution Pack. Finally, we will share the results from our tests on that mapping and our tips for troubleshooting the process. In addition to the workflow broadly described above, our poster will also include an update on where the project is now and a short reflection on our work. Ultimately, this project provoked a set of interesting questions about how to migrate audiovisual archival resources in a way that continues to prioritize their findability and ease of use in a new digital repository.


Presented by the University of Texas at Austin, Poster Minute Madness, at TCDL 2019.