TDL 2018 Hyku Pilot Report




Mumma, Courtney

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Texas Digital Library



In the spring of 2018, the Texas Digital Library engaged with several of its members in a pilot project to evaluate the Hyku repository application for managing cultural heritage content. While some of the TDL’s members intend to launch their own instances of Hyku 1, Hyrax2, or another variation of the Samvera3 community’s suite of offerings, others may prefer a hosted solution. Many TDL members are facing probable transitions from repository applications such as ContentDM, DSpace (both hosted by TDL and standalone) and bepress Digital Commons. With this potential migration in mind, TDL intended to explore the feasibility and community benefits of hosting Hyku. The project was inspired by the DuraSpace community’s work in piloting their HykuDirect service, including their contributions to the Hydra-In-A-Box Project determining the architectural needs for a hosted service, and TDL worked with the DuraSpace team and community to ensure that our potential service offerings would align well and support each other going forward.