Advanced Coupled THM Analysis in Geomechanics



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This dissertation is aimed at advancing current understating and modeling of problems involving the complex soils systems. A wide range of problems are tackled here including those in: frozen soils; gas hydrate bearing sediments and compressed air energy systems. The soils considered here are affected by changes in temperature fluid pressures and mechanical stresses which would also result in phase change of the constituents in the pore structure. The research conducted here encompasses fundamental; experimental; constitutive and numerical modeling employing the use of coupled formulations. The environmental variables affecting the soil in each case are identified, new or enhanced theoretical formulations and constitutive laws are presented. Particular emphasis is placed on the mechanical constitutive equations, as they are especially important in geotechnical engineering. The formulations presented here are validated against a number of laboratory experiments and case histories that illustrate the relevance and implications of the developments described for geotechnical engineering practice.