Experimental investigation of full coverage combustor film cooling and airfoil film cooling for advanced gas turbines engines.



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Film cooling in modern gas turbine engines uses coolant from the compressor to protect the surface of the combustor lining and turbine airfoils from the hot mainstream gas. Pressure sensitive paint (PSP) is used to evaluate the effects of effusion cooling and hole shape for combustion film cooling. Results show that increasing row interaction increases superposition and lateral spreading of the coolant. PSP and stereoscopic particle image velocimetry (S-PIV) are used to investigate the effect of favorable pressure gradients and hole shape for turbine airfoil film cooling. Three-dimensional velocity and vorticity distributions obtained with S-PIV are coupled with the film cooling effectiveness distributions determined with PSP for six film cooling geometries. Results show that a favorable pressure gradient reduces jet separation and increases lateral spreading of coolant. Furthermore, adding contours to the hole shape can generate additional anti-kidney vortices and adding a racetrack shaped inlet improved film cooling effectiveness.