The five-factor model personality variables and relationship variables: a study of associations



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Texas Tech University


The present research explored the relationship between personality variables (i.e., the five-factor model) and romantic relationship variables (i.e., love styles, relationship satisfaction, intimacy, and short-term stability). In past research, extraversion and agreeableness have been positively associated with several relationship variables, whereas neuroticism has been negatively associated with relationship variables.

The four measures used for this study included the NEO Personality Inventory- Revised-Form S (Costa & McCrae, 1985, 1992), the Love Attitudes Scale-Short Form (Hendrick & Hendrick, 1986; Hendrick, Hendrick, & Dicke, 1998), the Relafionship Assessment Scale (Hendrick, 1988), and the Personal Assessment of Intimacy in Relationships (Schaefer & Olson, 1981).

Correlation and regression analyses revealed that neuroticism is negatively associated with and predictive of satisfaction and intimacy. The relationship between neuroticism and satisfaction was partially mediated by Ludus for males and completely mediated by Mania for females. Extraversion and agreeableness were positively correlated with intimacy for males only. Openness to experience and conscientiousness were unrelated to relationship variables. Relationship stability was not significantly associated with any of the personality factors, probably due to low statistical power.