Active Shooter Training: A Recommended Addition to the Basic Peace Officer Course

dc.contributor.authorDugas, Norman
dc.coverage.spatialTexas (United States, North and Central America : state)
dc.description.abstractThe active shooter incidents that have occurred with more frequency throughout the nation have exposed a potential weakness in the initial training that is provided to Texas law enforcement officers. In their initial training academies, the law enforcement officers of the state of Texas are not being provided with the tools and tactics required to effectively deal with active shooter incidents. Agencies throughout Texas and the nation have recognized this need and have been supplementing their level of training with courses geared toward active shooter incidents. Obtaining this type of training is a step in the right direction; however, neighboring agencies trained in differing strategies and tactics could still encounter problems with efficiency and safety when assisting each other at an incident. A statewide standardized approach would enhance the efficiency and safety of on scene operations. A program developed by the ALERRT center at Texas State University is being utilized throughout the nation and has become the national standard in active shooter training (ALERRT, 2015). The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement should amend the initial basic peace officer licensing requirements to include active shooter training using the ALERRT model. Incorporating the active shooter program into the basic peace officer curriculum will standardize the training in this area. This standardization will go a long way to ensure that the officers of this state are better equipped to work together safely and efficiently. The end results of these efforts will have a positive impact on the ability to provide better service to the citizens that are served.
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dc.titleActive Shooter Training: A Recommended Addition to the Basic Peace Officer Course