Session 3D | Giving CRediT Taxonomy its Due




Barba, Shelley
Chapman Tripp, Hannah
Kapacinskas, Natalia
Lowe, David
Thompson, Santi

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Texas Digital Library


A subgroup of the TDL-sponsored Research Integrity Working Group has been meeting monthly to discuss curriculum development and planning for a patron-focused workshop themed around authority issues in research and publishing with a focus on the CRediT taxonomy. Join us as we discuss the path of our work and what we’ve learned thus far about the use, implementation, and scholarly controversy of the CRediT taxonomy, which defines 14 roles related to creating and authoring research-related works. As an academic publishing topic, the CRediT Taxonomy has implications for scholarly communication. As a tactic for managing power relationships (such as between a graduate student and tenured faculty member), it has implications for equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. As a bibliographic feature, it has implications for metadata and indexing specialists. As a crediting mechanism, it has implications stretching from evaluative processes to the integrity of academic research. We invite you to help us as we think through effective ways to introduce this seldom discussed topic with our faculty and students.


TCDL 2022 Session 3D, Wednesday, 5/25/2022, 11:00 am to 11:50 am | Moderated by Adrian Shapiro, Texas Woman's University | Session Type Scholarly Communications Presentation