Panda Monitoring - a System To Monitor High Performance Computing for the Atlas Experiment-Design, Development,Implementation and Deployment




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Computer Science & Engineering


Grid resources are gaining wide importance in the wake of experiments such as ATLAS aiding in a bigger goal to understand the complexities of nature. The need for a good monitoring system is realized as grid resources are being implemented widely. This work is an analysis of the existing monitoring system of the Panda which is a grid middleware for the ATLAS experiment running in CERN. The thesis aims at identifying the key bottlenecks of the current monitor and speaks about the implementation of a new monitor for the same .The new monitor which is being designed with scalability and maintainability in mind shows how it will perfectly fit in for the changing needs of the panda middleware, as panda is moving to the next generation as a generic grid middleware for a lot of other experiments running in the OSG sites in the United states it needs a new monitor which can efficiently scale and fit the changing needs. The new monitor is designed in Ruby on Rails and has numerous advantages over the existing one. The thesis deals with the design, development and implementation of this new monitor.