Revitalizing Hacienda San Jose de Cerro Gordo : a feasibility study for a 19th century Mexican hacienda



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Hacienda San José de Cerro Gordo is a working hacienda 30 miles outside of Mexico City. The hacienda encompasses a large rancho (farming) area, mostly covered by prickly pear cacti and the central, gated compound, which includes the exquisite, 19th century casco (the main house of the hacienda), historic wall structures, and modern worker housing. The casco was built in the late 19th century (exact dates unknown). The hacienda is situated in an agrarian desert landscape, between the foothills of Cerro Gordo to the north and the pyramids of Teotihuacán in the distance to the south. The grand house has been completely uninhabited for forty years, the lack of maintenance leading to its dilapidation with each passing year. This Master's Report is in the format of a "feasibility study" which outlines the current conditions of the hacienda, explores the challenges it faces, options for its revitalization, and ultimately, to act as a resource for similar projects. The following research question is addressed: what are the best options for the stabilization and revitalization for Hacienda San José de Cerro Gordo, who are the actual and possible players in plan of action, what are the options for funding and what is the most feasible program for the hacienda?