Investigations of the C8S3 J-aggregate



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This research project entails analyses of both alcoholic route C8S3 J-aggregate bundles and the interactions of a polyethylene glycol additive with alcoholic route C8S3 J-aggregates. First, the C8S3 J-aggregate bundles are characterized by both polarized and non-polarized spectroscopy methods. Orientation of the tubular bundled molecular complex was achieved, depending on the experiment, through a combination of flow cell experiments and cover slip deposited sample analysis. Next, isolated alcoholic route C8S3 J-aggregates were investigated using a polyethylene glycol (PEG) additive which has been shown, through absorbance and fluorescence emission spectroscopy, to selectively and reversibly remove the outer wall of the J-aggregate tubule. Spectroscopic analyses have indicated that the addition of a PEG additive left behind an in-tact inner wall tubule without the use of oxidizing agents, a feat never before accomplished with the C8S3 monomer.