Composition and biosynthesis of sterols by Mortierella alpina



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Texas Tech University


Sterols from mycelia of Mortierella alpina CBS 210.32. a zygomycetous fungus, were identified by thin layer chromatography, gas-liquid chromatography, reversed phase-high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. And whenever possible proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy The nonsaponifiable lipid fraction accounted for 1% of mycelial dry weight, and the total sterol content accounted for 0.07% of the mycelial dry wt. Desmosterol was the principal sterol of the mycelia. Previously reported sterols from this fungus have been isolated from the mycelium and their identities confirmed by chromatographic and spectral methods. Several new sterols were isolated from the fungus and identified in stereochemical detail here for the first time. Selected incubations with [^H3-methyl] methionine have aided in the elucidation of M alpifia's biosynthetic sterol pathway, as well as further confirming minor components present in the mycelia. The results are interpreted to imply that flingal phylogenetic linkages exist in relation to sterol synthesis.