Texas solution or nuclear nightmare? : as a company in the Lone Star State moves to profit from America's dilemma with spent nuclear fuel, others fear the worst



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The United States government has sought a permanent disposal site for spent nuclear fuel since 1982. To date, no location for disposing of spent fuel exists. The situation is problematic, because spent nuclear fuel is a high-level radioactive waste. It is a byproduct of nuclear power plants' electricity production. It is also incredibly dangerous material. With the government set to continue relying on the nuclear industry for electricity, the amount of spent nuclear fuel in the United States will continue to grow. Waste Control Specialists, a company headquartered in Dallas, Texas that specializes in low-level nuclear waste disposal, is in the process of applying for a Nuclear Regulatory Commission license to temporarily store spent fuel in Andrews, Texas. If successful, WCS could earn millions of dollars. Company officials are promoting the plan as a solution for America, but opinions from industry experts and residents near Andrews conflict over the safety of transporting and storing spent fuel in Texas.