Adipogenesis in post-weanling pigs fed conjugated linoleic acid



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Texas A&M University


The effects of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on lipogenesis and preadipocyte proliferation in young pigs were evaluated in two separate experiments. The first compared dietary effects of linoleic acid, beef tallow, and CLA on composition, lipogenesis, and DNA synthesis. Eighteen pigs weaned at 17 d of age were allotted randomly to corn-based diets supplemented with 1.5% corn oil, 1.5% tallow, or 1.5% CLA. The second experiment evaluated the effects of CLA included with diets high in polyunsaturated fat or beef tallow. Twenty-four pigs weaned at 17 d of age were allotted randomly to one of four corn-based diets supplemented with: 15% corn oil, 12% corn oil + 3% CLA, 15% tallow, and 12% tallow + 3% CLA. The piglets in both trials were fed a basal diet for 7 d and their respective diet for 35 d. [U-14C]Glucose incorporation into total lipids was (experiment 1): 10.64, 11.04, 13.64; (experiment 2): 21.15, 17.54, 21.34, and 19.52 nmol/(105 cells per h) for subcutaneous (s.c.) adipose tissue from corn oil, tallow, CLA; corn oil, corn oil + CLA, tallow, and tallow + CLA-fed piglets, respectively. Tritiated thymidine incorporation into DNA was not different in s.c. adipocytes across treatment groups, but was 5,581, 2,794, 6,573, and 3,760 dpm/(105 cells per h) in s.c. stromal vascular cells from corn oil, corn oil + CLA, tallow, and tallow + CLA-fed piglets, respectively (CLA main effect p<0.034). Additionally, there was a greater proportion of s.c. adipocytes in the smaller, 180-pL cell fraction from the corn oil + CLA-fed pigs (p<0.0074). CLA in the diet increased the s.c. adipose tissue concentration of 18:0 and decreased 16:1 and 18:1 (p<0.05), suggesting depression of stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase (SCD) enzyme activity in the CLA-fed pigs. The concentration of CLA isomers was raised only slightly in s.c. adipose tissue with the addition of CLA to the diets even though the CLA oil contained 62% CLA isomers. No effects on the growth of young pigs were observed. However, CLA caused a more saturated fatty acid composition and may suppress preadipocyte proliferation, apparent SCD activity, and lipid filling of smaller cells.