Anonymous, authentic, and accountable resource management based on the E-cash paradigm



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The prevalence of digital information management in an open network has driven the need to maintain balance between anonymity, authenticity and accountability (AAA). Anonymity allows a principal to hide its identity from strangers before trust relationship is established. Authenticity ensures the correct identity is engaged in the transaction even though it is hidden. Accountability uncovers the hidden identity when misbehavior of the principal is detected. The objective of this research is to develop an AAA management framework for secure resource allocations. Most existing resource management schemes are designed to manage one or two of the AAA attributes. How to provide high strength protection to all attributes is an extremely challenging undertaking. Our study shows that the electronic cash (E-cash) paradigm provides some important knowledge bases for this purpose. Based on Chaum-Pederson?s general transferable E-cash model, we propose a timed-zero-knowledge proof (TZKP) protocol, which greatly reduces storage spaces and communication overheads for resource transfers, without compromising anonymity and accountability. Based on Eng-Okamoto?s general divisible E-cash model, we propose a hypercube-based divisibility framework, which provides a sophisticated and flexible way to partition a chunk of resources, with different trade-offs in anonymity protection and computational costs, when it is integrated with different sub-cube allocation schemes. Based on the E-cash based resource management framework, we propose a privacy preserving service oriented architecture (SOA), which allows the service providers and consumers to exchange services without leaking their sensitive data. Simulation results show that the secure resource management framework is highly practical for missioncritical applications in large scale distributed information systems.