Session 17A | Authoring, Adopting, and Using an OER Textbook for a Business Ethics Course




stanberry, kurt

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From the perspective of an author and a faculty user of an OER textbook, this presentation will address three questions:1. What is involved in creating/authoring an OER textbook? 2. What are the on-the-ground benefits of using an OER textbook in a course? 3. How do OER texts compare to traditional texts?


Speaker(s): Kurt Stanberry, Professor, University of Houston-Downtown Kurt Stanberry has held the PLM Endowed Professorship in the Marilyn Davies College of Business at UHD for the past ten years. He is also a licensed attorney. He has co-authored two OER textbooks, Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship, as well as two traditional textbooks for traditional publishers, McGraw Hill and SouthWestern. Prior to UHD, he taught in the California State University system, and as a visiting professor in four overseas locations (London, Bonn, Tokyo, and Seoul). Moderated by: Shandra Robertson, College Business Administrator, University of Houston-Downtown View recording