Guiltless Gilrs: Unpacking 100-calorie Snacks




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The intended purpose of this paper is to consider how 100 calorie snacks are primarily advertised and produced for women. Little research has been done on 100 calorie snacks as they were introduced to the food market in 2004. Portioned control snacks came to be another way for the food industry to prey on women's insecurities about their looks and their weight. Although 100 calorie snacks are marketed as a sensible snacking tool they are geared towards women as a weight loss product. First, I examined what society believes is the &ldquo idealized &rdquo woman and how many women strive to become this &ldquo ideal &rdquo. Then I looked how the &ldquo idealized &rdquo women led to the low-fat and non-fat diet craze of the early 90's and how the phenomenon manifested itself. Then I move on to examine the advertisements women view and how they affect the opinions women have about themselves. Likewise, I examined how food companies advertise their food and what their main objectives are when advertising. Finally, I look at 100 calorie snacks and their part in the diet craze of the new century called &ldquo healthy lifestyle.&rdquo What exactly are 100 calorie snacks and how are they geared towards women? Also, what is the reality behind these 100 calorie snacks?