Primitive/primitive and primitive/Seifert knots



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Berge introduced knots that are primitive/primitive with respect to the standard genus 2 Heegaard surface, F, for the 3-sphere; surgery on such knots at the surface slope yields a lens space. Later Dean described a similar class of knots that are primitive/Seifert with respect to F; surgery on these knots at the surface slope yields a Seifert fibered space. The examples Dean worked with are among the twisted torus knots. In Chapter 3, we show that a given knot can have distinct primitive/Seifert representatives with the same surface slope. In Chapter 4, we show that a knot can also have a primitive/primitive and a primitive/Seifert representative that share the same surface slope. In Section 5.2, we show that these two results are part of the same phenomenon, the proof of which arises from the proof that a specific class of twisted torus knots are fibered, demonstrated in Section 5.1.