Security with visual understanding : Kinect human recognition capabilities applied in a home security system



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Vision is the most celebrated human sense. Eighty percent of the information humans receive is obtained through vision. Machines capable of capturing images are now ubiquitous, but until recently, they have been unable to recognize objects in the images they capture. In effect, machines have been blind.

This paper explores the revolutionary new capability of a camera to recognize whether a human is present in an image and take detailed measurements of the person’s dimensions. It explains how the hardware and software of the camera work to provide this remarkable capability in just 200 milliseconds per image.

To demonstrate these capabilities, a home security application has been built called Security with Visual Understanding (SVU). SVU is a hardware/software solution that detects a human and then performs biometric authentication by comparing the dimensions of the seen person against a database of known people. If the person is unrecognized, an alarm is sounded, and a picture of the intruder is sent via SMS text message to the home owner. Analysis is performed to measure the tolerance of the SVU algorithm for differentiating between two people based on their body dimensions.