Design and implementation of a software framework to model and simulate engineering systems using bondgraphs



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This report presents the development of a software framework for deriving explicit state equations in symbolic form of physical systems described by bond graphs. This program called Bond Graph Tool is an open-source object oriented implementation in Python, using the Tkinker and SymPy libraries. The Tkinker library has several functions that enables the user to command operations and display the results. SymPy is a Python library for symbolic mathematics, which permits the state-equations derived from the Bond Graphs in symbolic form. The Bond Graph Tool provides a graphic interface for drawing andediting Bond Graphs. The program allows to automatically assign the causalities on the Bond Graph. Output from the program is in the form of symbolic equations. The program handles the basic 1-port and 2-port elements as well as multiple ports junctions and derivative causality. The current version of the program, however, has limitations in handling several di cult features in bond graph.