Audio browsing of automaton-based hypertext



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Texas A&M University


With the wide-spread adoption of hypermedia systems and the World Wide Web (WWW) in particular, these systems have evolved from simple systems with only textual content to those that incorporate a large content base, which consists of a wide variety of document types. Also, with the increase in the number of users, there has grown a need for these systems to be accessible to a wider range of users. Consequently, the growth of the systems along with the number and variety of users require new presentation and navigation mechanisms for a wider audience. One of the new presentation methods is the audio-only presentation of hypertext content and this research proposes a novel solution to this problem for complex and dynamic systems. The hypothesis is that the proposed Audio Browser is an efficient tool for presenting hypertext in audio format, which will prove to be useful for several applications including browsers for visually-impaired and remote users. The Audio Browser provides audio-only browsing of contents in a Petri-based hypertext system called Context-Aware Trellis (caT). It uses a combination of synthesized speech and pre-recorded speech to allow its user to listen to contents of documents, follow links, and get information about the navigation process. It also has mechanisms for navigating within documents in order to allow users to view contents more quickly.