Code constructions and code families for nonbinary quantum stabilizer code



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Texas A&M University


Stabilizer codes form a special class of quantum error correcting codes. Nonbinary quantum stabilizer codes are studied in this thesis. A lot of work on binary quantum stabilizer codes has been done. Nonbinary stabilizer codes have received much less attention. Various results on binary stabilizer codes such as various code families and general code constructions are generalized to the nonbinary case in this thesis. The lower bound on the minimum distance of a code is nothing but the minimum distance of the currently best known code. The focus of this research is to improve the lower bounds on this minimum distance. To achieve this goal, various existing quantum codes are studied that have good minimum distance. Some new families of nonbinary stabilizer codes such as quantum BCH codes are constructed. Different ways of constructing new codes from the existing ones are also found. All these constructions together help improve the lower bounds.