Streambank erosion assessment : application of dendrogeomorphology, numerical watershed modeling, and model characterization.



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This project uses a dendrogeomorphic method to assess streambank erosion at two ungauged streams in Central Texas: Cedar Creek, a small urban stream, and Mill Creek, a medium-sized rural stream. This method yields better erosion rate estimates than typical one- to two-year erosion-pin studies, while also offering insight into the magnitude and variability of sub-aerial processes, mass wasting, and fluvial entrainment. We used the results from this assessment in tandem with data gathered from available literature to parameterize, calibrate, and interrogate the watershed model SWAT-DEG. Through the linear analyses available in the software suite PEST, model predictive uncertainty, prediction sensitivity to parameters, and observation worth were assessed. The synthesis of the dendrogeomorphic channel assessment and SWAT-DEG modeling used in this study outline a method for characterizing past erosion and predicting future erosion accurately and efficiently.