Personality traits, traitedness, and disorders: towards an enhanced understanding of trait-disorder relationships



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Texas A&M University


Traitedness has been described as the ??????the degree to which a particular trait structure is approximated in a given person?????? (Tellegen, p. 28, 1991) and has been hypothesized as one explanation for findings of weak trait-behavior relationships. That is, if traits are differentially applicable to different individuals, then trait-behavior relationships may be moderated based on the strength with which an individual fits with a given trait model. This study used moderated multiple regression to test the moderating effects of four different traitedness indicators to increase the prediction of diagnostic consistency in four personality disorders, and also tested the main effects of traitedness estimates to predict cross-situational consistency of functional impairment. Traitedness estimates performed better in the prediction of increased diagnostic consistency, though there were some isolated findings of traitedness increasing crosssituational consistency of functional impairment.