Analytical-Numerical Methodology to Measure Undamaged, Fracture and Healing Properties of Asphalt Mixtures



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Unlike in laboratory compacted asphalt mixtures, the distribution of viscoelastic properties in field layers is not uniform because of nonuniform air void distribution and aging. Therefore, characterization of field specimens is more challenging compared to that of laboratory compacted specimens. Formerly, characterization of field asphalt mixtures was based on binder tests which are useful but do not represent the properties of the asphalt mixtures because binder is only a component in the asphalt mixture. This study uses linear viscoelastic theory and numerical modeling to obtain the undamaged and damaged viscoelastic properties of both laboratory made and field compacted asphalt concrete. Additionally, it uses fracture mechanics principles to find the fracture and healing properties of aged asphalt specimens.

The analytical models presented in this research have been successfully verified by testing the actual field specimens of different ages. The model developed in this dissertation is suitable to track the viscoelastic, fracture and healing properties of the field specimen with time and depth. The test protocols and analytical models described in this study can be used for the development of reliable performance models for field-aged asphalt layers.