Laboratory investigation of the influence from aggregate and climate on stiffness development in seal coat asphalt emulsions



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Emulsified asphalt is widely used in many highway maintenance and construction applications, and their effectiveness is greatly influenced by the construction process and climatic conditions at the time of application and soon thereafter. This research studied the rate of residue formation of emulsified asphalts over time, with particular emphasis on two key construction-related factors; the aggregate it is in contact with, and the climatic conditions. Emulsified asphalts were sampled both from a plant location as well as three construction sites. Test specimens were prepared by pouring asphalt emulsion directly on aggregate substrates and then cured under different climate regimes in an environmental chamber. These climate regimes were selected to simulate field conditions and anticipated laboratory test environments. The stiffness of the asphalt was measured at specified time intervals by a Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) using a strain-sweep test protocol.