Development of a portfolio prototype for assessment of home economics preservice teachers in Texas




Neill, Lora Ann

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Texas Tech University


In 1994, the Texas State Board of Education adopted five teaching proficiencies for Texas educators, published as Learner-centered Schools for Texas: A Vision of Texas Educators. The proficiencies are performance-based standards to be used for preparing preservice teachers in Texas and address areas of knowledge, instruction, communication, equity in excellence for all learners, and professional development.

The purposes of this research and development study were to identify evidences that authentically assess mastery of the five learner-centered teaching proficiencies adopted for Texas educators and to develop a portfolio prototype, based on the identified evidences, for assessment of home economics preservice teachers. The evidences were selected by consensus of three stakeholder groups: home economics preservice teachers, home economics teacher educators, and Texas public school personnel administrators who are responsible for hiring home economics teachers.



Home economics, Teachers