An assessment of satisfaction of CASNR community college transfer students



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By the year 2020, Texas Tech University has a goal to increase total enrollment to 40,000; in 2010, Texas Tech University reported total enrollment numbers of 31,637. One way to reach that goal is to increase enrollment and retention of community college transfer students. Research regarding community college transfer student involvement and satisfaction after transfer to a four-year university is limited. In order to assess the satisfaction and involvement patterns of community college transfer students, a descriptive/correlational study was performed on community college transfer students enrolled in classes at Texas Tech University. The accessible sample consisted of 60 community college transfer students who came to Red Raider Orientation for the fall of 2009. Data collection took place during the months of November and December of 2010 and employed the use of a researcher-developed, online survey instrument. The findings indicated that CASNR community college transfer students were minimally involved in clubs organizations and teams at both the community college and university levels, with the exception of those involved in competitive teams within the college. There were a relatively large percentage of respondents very involved in CASNR competitive teams. Students were mostly neutral or slightly satisfied when asked about satisfaction with different aspects of the university. College advising was the only variable to receive moderate satisfaction. There were low or negligible relationships between involvement on clubs, teams and organizations, with the exception of one moderate relationship between students who competed on a CASNR competitive team and their satisfaction with CASNR. Further research should be conducted and should include assessments of the involvement and satisfaction of native students as well as university transfer students, a qualitative longitudinal study of community college transfer students, and what factors increase community college transfer students’ satisfaction in CASNR at Texas Tech University. Findings should be generalized with caution to future students.