An Evaluation Of Using Component Mode Synthesis For Structural Models




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Mechanical Engineering


Structural analysts have used component mode synthesis (CMS), also known as substructuring, for decades to divide large structural models into smaller, more manageable models, and to reduce the size of the associated mathematical problem. Applying CMS can also reduce the front-end effort to build models, even models that are smaller than those for which CMS has typically been applied. This paper presents an evaluation of the accuracy of two smaller substructured models so that analysts might feel confident in applying CMS to gain the benefits. The evaluation starts with an introduction to CMS. Then, CMS is applied to a small, simply-supported beam model and a medium-sized, electronics enclosure model. Accuracy is evaluated by comparing the frequencies and mode shapes of substructured models to the full models. The electronics enclosure substructured model is evaluated further by comparing a displacement response and the solve time to that of the full model.