QuickLET : a web-based tool for estimating pollutant loads in a watershed



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Web-based modeling tools for estimating pollutant loads in watersheds are few in literature. Those that are available for public access often require domain expertise, making them relevant mostly among environmental researchers. Aside from intensive efforts required to gather enormous amount of data, the complexity of the modeling tools themselves hinder their application among non-technical users. Consequently, environmental decision makers often rely on outside consultants to perform watershed assessments for them. This report presents the Quick Load Estimating Tool (QuickLET), a Web-based tool for estimating pollutant loads in watersheds across the contiguous US. QuickLET empowers users to visualize the effects of land use patterns, cultivated crops, and conservation practices through graphical representation. QuickLET implements an export coefficient approach for predicting the pollutant loads resulting in significant simplification of the estimating process.