Homeowner?s Perspective of Affordable Housing Rehabilitation: A Case Study of a Veteran?s Program in the State of Texas



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This case study research focuses on the advantages and challenges experienced by homeowners who purchases and live in rehabilitated affordable houses of a Veteran?s Program in the state of Texas. The Veteran?s Program aims to provide low and no-cost housing to US military veterans. Semi-structured face-to-face and phone interviews were used to collect data from the homeowners. During the interviews a questionnaire based on the metrics of lean construction (safety, quality, cost, time and morale) was used. The homeowner?s responses were summarized and analyzed to establish a ?current state? of the Veteran?s Program. Recommendations were made to propose a ?future state? that will improve the program in all the areas previously analyzed. Findings showed that housing rehabilitation does provides a safe and affordable housing solution to the low income veterans. Despite some of the concerns raised by the homeowners, they considered that rehabilitated houses provided an affordable and safe home with good quality that increased the morale of their owners.