Microfauna of the lower portion of Gaptank Formation



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Texas Tech University


Exposures of the Pennsylvanian Gaptank Formation in Pecos County, Texas were studied In an attempt to establish correlation with the standard Pennsylvanian section in the mid-continent area. Secondary objectives include the description of the ostracode fauna, a zonation based on fusuline Foraminifera, and the biostatigraphic implications of the paleontologic information.

A microfauna consisting of 5 families, 8 genera and 9 species of ostracodes was found, (toe genus and two species of fusuline Foraminifera are described. Two new species of ostracodes and one new species of fusuline Foraminifera are described.

The paleoecological evidence advanced in this paper suggests that the lower Gaptank beds were deposited in a near-shore, hyposaline sea which was receiving sediments rapidly from nearby areas of diastrophic movement.

The ostracode fauna is spares because of unfavorable bottom conditions and probable turbidity of the waters.