A qualitative evaluation and rehabilitation center southwest region



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The ideas .and theories . on the treatment of t.he criminal elements in societies have -differed greatly, largely due to the ignorance of the mass of the populations to the problems involved ... dealing with tb.eae el,eme~ts ~d their men tali ties. This treatment in the United Stat~s takes on many faces, running the gamut from social ostricizing to social death. Not least ranked among these treatments is the punishment by imprisonment in ~· arbitrary manner by socially accepted butalmost totally inadequate means. To safely and finally arrive at a .solution to the problem of penitentiary des~gn we must begin at the time of the contact between the social law enforcement .body and the criminal. There must be an adequate and meaningful balance of "rights" of the two parties to insure the safety and integrity of each, from personal safety to .a "fair and speedy trial". After the suspect has been apprehended he is -subjected not only to the questioning by the law enforcement body involved but he and his background are given cursory but fairly detailed examinations by trained· and experienced professional field workers. If the evidence compiled against the accused is adequate for a trial then he is arraigned immediately for a preliminary h~ari~g . o:t':· J~h~. , evidence. J:Ie, is then given, if the evidence if subs~~:ti~l' e ;~ : pe;ri()d of. time in wh::i,ch to continue preparati0f!~ 1~ !Qr .. _Q.~.f~n~~' . l:>Y private . or selected, and above all, reput~li>J..e "and. ;iuterested defen9.ers. I:Ie :i.~- t~iedon th.e evidence alone. His conviction must con:te . t~ou.!, .. th.ft:,·proving o;f.· bis .gp.il;f; by the .facts in the case ~long. No plea cen .. be given for the person's sanity, or lack of ::i,1;. The findings of the .field and personal examinations of the acQl;lse~t a+e : , pe:ru.~ed b~ the trial· judge and the place of internrnent .· is issued upon . Qonvietion. This decision is inf],.ue:nced py the afore-mentioned _cursory .examination. -, . : ~h.~ idea. of placing the convicted offender will enable the system to regulate or do away with the influx of the criminally insane in the prisons. He will be placed where he may benefit most and be the ·:most beneficial. The Federal penal system should be divided into regions each established by demography, geography, and other factors including the social norms peculiar to that region. Each region should contain one regional psychological .and physiological treatment center, one security detention center, and one or more non-security detention centers. As the convicted public offender enters the center he is given a period of orientation and examination by permanent trained, and qualified people to determine his attitudes and apti tudes•· . As · th~s adjustment period pregresses the offender is gently , and ~g~adually phased into the center's social order. The purpose of a penitentiary ideally is, as is the penal code of the .. United States, to contain a person who has committed a crime against his society and to aid him in his personal rehabili tative __ process. Rehabilitation of a social deviate is to bring that person to recognize and accept first himself and then the social norms for which he has according to society mistreated. To perform this process the facility must contain many units each with a separate and distinct function but with a definite relationship between the parts.