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Johnson, Emily
Ivie, DeeAnn

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Texas Digital Library


In the past 2 years The University of Texas at San Antonio launched instances of Pressbooks and DSpace to the university community. As the OER and Scholarly Communication Librarians, we were interested in learning more about best practices and workflows at other universities for archiving OERs in institutional repositories. Afterwards, in conjunction with the Library Systems department, we developed a workflow for automatically pushing OERs created in Pressbooks into our DSpace repository using a SWORD protocol. This presentation will describe our findings from the background research we conducted, the process for linking Pressbooks and DSpace, and future work we will be doing in this area.


TCDL 2023 Session 3I, Thursday, 5/18/2023, 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm | Moderated by Colleen Lyon, University of Texas at Austin | Presentation | Research, ScholComm, & Digital Humanities