The person marking system in Huaylas Quechua



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This paper presents an analysis of the person marking system in Huaylas Quechua, spoken in the north-central Peruvian Andes, focusing on subject and object agreement, and compares person marking in Huaylas Quechua with that found in other Quechuan languages. The Huaylas Quechua person marking system exhibits both regular and irregular inflectional patterns. Compared to some other varieties, the combination of first and third person subjects and the second person objects are rather irregular in Huaylas Quechua. The irregularities of the patterns in the relation 1S>2O and 3S>2O in Huaylas Quechua, as observed that this asymmetry in person marking system is associated with the person hierarchy, which is 1 > 2 > 3, and is a result of historical stages of development of this language.