Creating and Supporting Collections as Data Birds-of-a-Feather




Guzman, Allyssa
Pierce Meyer, Katie
Shensky, Michael

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Texas Digital Library


The Always Already Computational: Collections as Data project (2016-2018) interrogated the idea of collections as data and offered the field a framework for considering the computational use of library and archival collections by scholars. Examples of computational use as defined by the Collections as Data Project include techniques like mapping, text analysis, visualization, network analysis and more. Collections as Data: Part to Whole (2018-2021) continued work in this area with a focus on responsible implementation and helped provide a foundation for ongoing conversations on this topic.

Inspired and informed by the collections as data framework, we have experimented with applying computational methods to the curation of our collections at our organization and regularly work with users who are applying computational methods to digital collections. We know that colleagues at other institutions are likewise engaging in this type of work and this group hopes to facilitate a conversation among TDL attendees who were also inspired by the concept of collections as data. Through this session we aim to provide an opportunity to discuss how our various institutions are creating collections that can be used as data, facilitating their discovery, and supporting their use. In this conversation we plan to address themes such as ethics, methods for developing data from collections, promotion, AI, and responsible use.

Interested in joining or continuing the conversation around collections as data in the TDL community? Please fill out this form, even if you’re not able to attend the session.


TCDL 2024 Session 8A, Thursday, 5/23/2024, 10:15 am to 11:15 am | Moderated by Meagan Hernandez, Texas Digital Library | Birds-of-a-Feather | Digital Collections