iPads as Creative Catalyst in the Museum



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The purpose of this study was to help the field of art education and museum education gain insight into how to encourage a middle schooler’s creative confidence to keep students from choosing not to participate in art as they age. And encourage the middle schooler’s positive opinions of an art museum. To acquire the data for this study, I used a case study methodology. The data I gathered included a critical friend, field notes, surveys, and student art. I developed a set of art-making lesson plans, in which the participants used iPads to develop a picture book based on an artwork from the Blanton Museum of Art’s permanent collection. This research explores the balance of creative freedom and curricular structure that would aid in growing the child’s creative confidence. It was important to attempt to find the freedom-structure balance needed to encourage creative confidence in the children and keep them interested in art-making. The results of this study show indications that will help museum educators develop their own art-making activities within museum galleries, as well as ideas on how to encourage a middle schooler’s creative confidence.