Reduced component model for double-angle shear connections considering the contribution of the concrete slab for cyclic analysis of steel structures



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Double-angle web shear connections are commonly used in steel gravity framing, and they are usually idealized as pinned connections during analysis. The nonlinear behavior of these connections has been studied during the last decades by researchers aiming to develop methodologies to simulate double-angle shear connections in common structural analysis. Thus, three types of methodologies have been developed to simulate these connections: 1) detailed finite element analysis, 2) component models, and 3) simplified rotational springs. The primary objective of the current research study was to study the cyclic nonlinear behavior of double-angle connections and to create a simplified component model in OpenSees to simulate their response. A component model for bare steel and composite double-angle web shear connections is proposed based on components developed in previous studies. Additionally, analysis work pertaining validation and response analysis in OpenSees of the individual components and the component models was conducted. Finally, conclusions, recommendations and research gaps are presented.